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106,40 EUR*
Details Sustainable Manufacturing (Control Systems, Robotics and Manufacturing)

According to the NACFAM (National Council for Advanced Manufacturing USA) Sustainable Manufacturing is defined as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are ...

91,08 EUR*
Details Manufacturing Strategy: How to Formulate and Implement a Winning Plan, Second Edition

To stay competitive and meet market expectations in a global economy, both domestic and foreign companies must realign their manufacturing processes, make improvements, and increase their manufacturing capabilities. With large numbers of employees ...

85,55 EUR*
Details Automatic Supervision in Manufacturing (Advanced Manufacturing)

Automatic Supervision in Manufacturing Automation is a predominant objective in the development of modern and advanced manufacturing production. Automatic Supervision in Manufacturing (ASM) addresses unavoidable disturbances occurring during ...

205,46 EUR*
Details Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing)

Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications Offers an introduction to a spectrum of collaborative engineering issues in design and manufacturing. This book is suitable for academics, upper-level undergraduate and ...

40,61 EUR*
Details Manufacturing Information and Data Systems: Analysis, Design and Practice (Manufacturing Engineering Series)

Manufacturing Information and Data Systems A contribution towards better understanding of information technology and information systems and their application in manufacturing. This book addresses information systems and its application in ...

253,38 EUR*
Details Rapid Response Manufacturing: Contemporary methodologies, tools and technologies (Manufacturing Systems Engineering Series)

Recently, many new technologies have been developed for engineers to reduce the time required to design and manufacture products in response to rapidly fluctuating market demands. This book addresses a variety of contemporary methodologies ...

901,85 EUR*
Details Lean Manufacturing at TAC Manufacturing [UK Import]

This program examines the successful lean manufacturing practices at an automotive supplier, TAC Manufacturing. TAC Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Tokai Rica, and their production philosophy is based on the Toyota Production System. Many lean ...

223,63 EUR*
Details Handbook of Electronics Manufacturing Engineering

This single source reference offers a pragmatic and accessible approach to the basic methods and procedures used in the manufacturing and design of modern electronic products. Providing a stategic yet simplified layout, this handbook is set up with an ...

80,53 EUR*
Details Six Sigma Green Belt Volume 1: Manufacturing (Juran Manufacturing)

Seiten: 338, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

62,56 EUR*
Details Improving Profitability Through Green Manufacturing: Creating a Profitable and Environmentally Compliant Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturers can be green and highly profitable at the same time Profits do not have to be sacrificed to environmental responsibility, or vice versa. Following this book's tested and proven approach, readers discover how to create and operate ...

53,50 EUR*
Details Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals: Manual 5: Secondary Processing in Biscuit Manufacturing

This manual takes readers through such secondary processes as coating, sandwiching and icing, concentrating on common production problems and how they can be solved.

14,00 EUR*
Details Got Manufacturing Systems Engineer? Mug

Welchen besseren Weg, um den Tag als mit Ihrer Got Manufacturing Systems Engineer? Becher starten. Die Got Manufacturing Systems Engineer? Tasse weißem gemacht, hochwertige Keramik ist spülmaschinenfest und mikrowellen dank unserer Sublimation ...

108,68 EUR*
Details High Performance Manufacturing: Global Perspectives (Wiley Operations Management Series for Professionals)

The most thorough, valid set of findings on global manufacturing and winning practices worldwide This eye-opening resource sets a new standard for how manufacturing practices are viewed in today's business world. The results of an extensive research ...

1531,16 EUR*
Details Rapid Manufacturing [UK Import]

This program delivers the insight of 12 seasoned industry experts from across the globe. Each brings a fresh perspective as they share views on the practical applications and the future of direct digital manufacturing. Viewers go inside Advatech and ...

208,64 EUR*
Details Changeable and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing)

"Changeable and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems" discusses key strategies for success in the changing manufacturing environment. Changes can often be anticipated but some go beyond the design range, requiring innovative change enablers and ...

158,95 EUR*
Details Artificial Neural Networks for Intelligent Manufacturing (Intelligent Manufactoring Series)

Artificial Neural Networks for Intelligent Manufacturing Introduces the technology of artificial neural networks and demonstrates its use in intelligent manufacturing systems. Full description

719,67 EUR*
Details Advances in Manufacturing Technology: National Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of a conference covering the subject of manufacturing technology, this text discusses such topics as: business process engineering; concurrent engineering; manufacturing systems; performance measures; and total quality management.

223,63 EUR*
Details Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems: Methods And Case Tools (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology)

Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems Software has become a decisive cost and time factor in regard to developing and establishing manufacturing systems and setting them into operation. In addition, software determines the availability ...

340,45 EUR*
Details Concurrent Engineering: Contemporary issues and modern design tools (Design & Manufacturing S)

In the area of computer-integrated manufacturing, concurrent engineering is recognized as the manufacturing philosophy for the next decade.

113,68 EUR*
Details Master Scheduling: A Practical Guide to Competitive Manufacturing (Oliver Wight Manufacturing)

Master Scheduling Master scheduling is an essential planning tool that helps manufacturers synchronize their production cycle with actual market demand. The third edition of this easy-to-follow handbook helps you understand the basic and more advanced ...

139,05 EUR*
Details Deadlock Resolution In Automated Manufacturing Systems: A Novel Petri Net Approach (Advances in Industrial Control)

Deadlock Resolution in Automated Manufacturing Systems Aimed at control, computer, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers, researchers and scientists, this book offers new methods to avoid bottlenecks and interruptions in manufacturing. Real ...

72,75 EUR*
Details Manufacturing Automation: Metal Cutting Mechanics, Machine Tool Vibrations, And Cnc Design

Manufacturing Automation A professional reference and textbook on metal cutting, considering scientific principles and their practical application to manufacturing problems. Full description

17,00 EUR*
Details I love Manufacturing Engineer Canvas Wall Art  12 x 8 Zoll

I love Manufacturing Engineer Leinwände sind dekorative Bilder gemacht von einem Sinthetic Leinen die digital gedruckt werden. Dekorieren Sie Ihr Zuhause in eine neue und originelle Art und Weise. Eine breite Palette von Farben ermöglicht es, die I ...

53,49 EUR*
Details Supply Chain Management and Optimization in Manufacturing (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology / SpringerBriefs in Manufacturing and Surface Engineering)

This book introduces general supply chain terminology particularly for novice readers, state of the art supply chain management and optimization issues and problems in manufacturing. The book provides insights for making supply chain decisions ...

168,09 EUR*
Details Guidelines for Process Safety in Outsourced Manufacturing Operations

In today's competitive economy, companies often augment in-house production by outsourcing chemical reaction processes and distillation, drying, formulating, blending, and packaging operations. While most of these tolling, or contracted manufacturing ...

17,00 EUR*
Details I love Manufacturing Systems Engineer Canvas Wall Art  12 x 8 Zoll

I love Manufacturing Systems Engineer Leinwände sind dekorative Bilder gemacht von einem Sinthetic Leinen die digital gedruckt werden. Dekorieren Sie Ihr Zuhause in eine neue und originelle Art und Weise. Eine breite Palette von Farben ermöglicht es ...

118,72 EUR*
Details Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

Manufacturing industries are devoted to producing high-quality products in the most economical and timely manner. Quality, economics, and time not only indicate the customer-satisfaction level, but also measure the manufacturing per- formance of a ...

1531,16 EUR*
Details Customer Focused Manufacturing [UK Import]

To meet the changing needs of customers and ensure profitability over the years to come, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation successfully transformed their manufacturing system to a more flexible, short lead-time system by adopting cellular ...

23,66 EUR*
Details Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability (Enterprise Excellence)

Green Manufacturing Brings together articles and case studies covering environmental, and energy issues that were published in the Association of Manufacturing Excellence's "Target Magazine". This title covers both areas of moral responsibility, as ...

96,29 EUR*
Details Load-Oriented Manufacturing Control

Load-Oriented Manufacturing Control is unique as it gives comprehensive and self-contained principles for the implementation of an appropriate production control technique of general applicability. It is based on the "funnel model", a new approach to ...

13,00 EUR*
Details Got Manufacturing Engineer? Horizontal sign

Die Got Manufacturing Engineer? Kunststoffschild ist eine tolle Möglichkeit Ihre Zone, zu markieren. Überraschen Sie Ihre Familie und Freunde mit unserer ursprünglichen Acrylschilder . Sie kommen mit abgerundeten Ecken und einem Loch an jedem Ende zum ...

123,04 EUR*
Details Tribology in Manufacturing Technology (Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology)

This book aims to show how tribological concepts can be applied in order to improve manufacturing technology in modern industry. It can be used as a guide book for engineering students or a reference useful for academics in the fields of tribology ...

208,64 EUR*
Details Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Industrial and Manufacturing Applications (Studies in Computational Intelligence)

Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Industrial and Manufacturing Applications This volume presents meta-heuristics approaches for scheduling problems arising in industrial and manufacturing applications. The present volume is the first book on scheduling ...

116,43 EUR*
Details Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control

A practical guide to semiconductor manufacturing from process control to yield modeling and experimental design Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control covers all issues involved in manufacturing microelectronic devices and ...

71,13 EUR*
Details Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes

Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes In Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes Anna Romina Guevarra focuses on the Philippines--which views itself as the "home of the great Filipino worker"--and the multilevel brokering process that manages and ...

137,93 EUR*
Details Ergonomics in Manufacturing: Raising Productivity Through Workplace Improvement: Society of Manufacturing Engineers Po Box 930, 1sme Dr. Dearborn Mi 48121

Learn to organize and manage ergonomics efforts, and discover how to achieve profitable results using various corporations around the world as models for success. The foremost international experts from industry, government, and academia contribute ...